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About Extra Beds

Whether you are looking for cot, bed, or high chair hire, our folding beds and cots are popular hire choices.

They are offered to individual and commercial customers and are used in a number of hotels and other locations. Our beds are fitted with quality mattresses for a good night’s sleep. We will ensure discretion and minimum fuss for maximum comfort, regardless of your location. Our team will help you to solve a short- or long-term bed crisis. We offer folding beds at affordable prices and will help you to ensure the comfort and safety of your family, visitors and guests. Our folding beds meet the UK Safety Regulations, and we guarantee timely delivery. Bed hire is a good choice for a host of events and premises and a quick solution if space is at a premium. They are easy to use and are designed for easy storage. Bed rental is offered for commercial and domestic use. Our customer base includes individual clients, HR specialists, letting agents, relocation agents, and hospitality businesses.


We aim to offer friendly, reliable, and fast bed hire services. If you are new to renting and are looking for folding beds, we will help you to choose the right design for your needs. We offer folding beds to customers in London and serve hotels, suburban hotels, boatels, and mega and large hotels. We also cater to the needs of mid-market and economy hotels, semi-residential, residential, and transient hotels, spas and boutique hotels. Our customer base also includes eco hotels and heritage hotels as well as suite and convention hotels. Folding beds are suitable for any occasion, and customers can choose from an array of designs. Whether going on vacation or hosting a major event, bed and cot hire are a cost-effective solution. If you run a hospitality establishment, whether non-commercial, commercial, or residential, we will help you to save money and time.

We also offer bed rentals for cottages and vacation homes as well as for new builds. If you are moving in, and your home is not fully furnished yet, you may want to use folding beds until your furniture and other belongings arrive. If your parents or family are coming over for a long weekend, and you live in a small home, folding beds will come handy. We offer hygienic, spacious beds for apartments, studios, and houses, featuring a variety of rental options for individual customers and businesses. We offer efficient, prompt, and reliable bed hire service to meet your rental needs. Beds are offered for any length of time to event companies and corporate entities, hotels, rental accommodation, and private homes. We provide quality modern beds and clean them before hire, using professional equipment and solutions. Our team also offers collection and delivery services and flexible hire options. Our beds are fitted with fabrics that are antiviral, antifungal, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. They are also fitted with good hinge mechanisms. You can keep them in a store room, against a wall, under the bed, or in a cupboard.

All of our beds are manufactured and conforms to EU standards BS7177.