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Bed Hire

As a company with extensive experience, we serve commercial, business, and individual customers across industries. We specialize in cot and bed hire and supply local tourisms, resorts, motels, and hotels. We offer high quality folding beds to events management businesses, hospitality outlets, landlords, and travelers.

Bed hire

World famous bands, singers, weight lifters, and tennis stars have used out folding beds. They are ideal for family gatherings, reunions, parties, and more formal events. Many businesses use folding beds for different events, from social and corporate events to charity events, banquets, and black tie dinners. We also supply beds and cots for holiday parties, openings, business relation events, staff parties, and benefit and formal dinners. Whether you offer facility services for concerts or sports events or organize dance parties and interactive staff events, we offer folding beds of different sizes. We also offer bed hire for product-based events, jubilee parties and celebrations, award galas, and other events. What is more, our prices are affordable, and our hire rates fit any budget. Our beds meet EU standards and are comfortable and multi-functional. We offer bed hire for events such as:

  • bed-hire-2Seasonal events
  • Science fairs
  • Evangelical and religious
  • Product launches
  • Political events
  • Picnics
  • Parades
  • Meetings
  • International events
  • Etc.

We also offer folding beds for home shows, historical reenactments, grand openings, forums, and festivals. Bed hire is a good solution if you plan a large scale event, hosting tens and hundreds of visitors. Folding beds are ideal for events such as conventions, club events, centennial celebrations, art shows, and annual meetings. Depending on your definition of event, we cater to a host of gatherings, informal and formal events, and celebrations. With many years of experience, we offer high quality folding beds to keep clients happy. Our customer base includes a long list of entertainment businesses, party and luxury hostels, family hostels and hotels, castle and historic hotels, eco and beach hotels and hostels, luxury resorts, and many others. We offer short- and long-term bed hire to meet our customers’ requirements. The main goal is to offer customers comfortable beds for a caring environment. Whether you need hospital, bariatric, or regular beds, we will supply the right type of bed for your requirements. You can give us measurements such as user weight and height to help you choose the right type of bed. We take pride in offering unrivalled level of customer support and service and deliver beds to the premises, building, or rooms of your choice. We offer luxury and standard beds for your business needs or travel plans. We will cause zero disruption to your business. All beds are delivered in a timely manner. The mattresses are hypo-allergenic, breathable, and comfortable. With enviable reputation for quality and experience, we will help you organize any formal or informal event.

Cot hire

We also supply high chairs and cots for different events, from birthday parties and weddings to trainings, testings, and symposiums.